Restaurant's Trash Ghetto's Treasure; Disposed Meat Selling Dirt Cheap

Pieces of fried chicken which have reportedly been dumped by a fast-food outlet are being sold dirt cheap in some inner-city communities.

According to a report made by THE STAR, residents in some communities are paying J$100 for four pieces of chicken and two biscuits, a package, some say is the best thing that has happened to the ghetto.

"Where else could you find that bargain? That's why mi love inna di ghetto. You know how much a it feed we from weh day," one resident said.

Another resident mentioned that the chicken, which is thought to be spoilage, at times becomes the protein source for community members.

"Dem get it for disposal. A big clear garbage bag dem have it inna and everything mix up. Dem just separate it and bag dem up and sell dem. Only thing yuh nuh get a fries and juice," the resident said.

Our news team understands that the meal is available at least twice per week.

Persons were observed walking through one of the communities with their cheap chicken in transparent plastic bags.

"A hot bread. When yuh buy it, yuh haffi do it one time 'cause if yuh say yuh a go weh fi come back, it done," a male resident said.

"Sometimes, mi buy nuff and cook it down with rice. Cook it down and mek your gravy and mek it gwaan simma," he added.

One resident, when asked if he was not concerned for his health, quickly shut down any suggestion that people could get sick.

"Ghetto people tuff, enuh. That nah sick dem. From me know it a gwaan til now, nobody never sick out yet. A leftover food and dem deh place deh nah hot up nothing fi sell back people."

At one point it was being sold for $50, but due to an increase in demand, the price was raised recently.

"Mi used to buy it when it a sell for $50, but from it raise mi just leave it."

Contact was made to the fast-food outlet on the matter but a representative said the entity would not be commenting on the matter.



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