Man Sprayed With Bullets, Throat Slashed In-front Girlfriend And Kids

Her eyes filled with tears as she recounted how she begged the gunmen to spare her and her three children after they invaded her home at Dover Avenue in Gregory Park, St Catherine.

“I can hardly talk. Dem just come in, shoot him up, and cut off him neck and then shoot me in my feet,” she said pointing to the fresh bandages covering her wounds shortly after being discharged from Spanish Town Hospital.

“I just want to go home to see my kids now,” she told the Jamaica Observer. “They killed him for nothing at all.”

Police report that around 2:45 am yesterday several masked men invaded the tenement yard where 29-year-old Marshall was staying with his girlfriend and their three children.

The family tried to hide under the bed, but they were dragged out by the men who had attacked Marshall.

He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

 She said she ran onto the street, cried out for help and was rushed to the hospital by her brother.

Residents described Marshall, also known as 'Cody', and who lived at another house on Dover Avenue, as a jovial and hard-working man. He was a racehorse groom at Caymanas Park in the parish,

“Mi nuh know of Cody mix up in anything, all him do is go work and come back a di yard,” said one neighbour who asked not to be named, but who said that she, too, was assaulted by the gunmen after they broke her windows in search of their target.

“Him will come in after work, wash up the dishes, and cook if him babymother don't do it,” the woman said.

Yesterday morning, the bullet-riddled, one-bedroom house, broken door, shattered windows, upturned bed, and blood-stained floor served as graphic reminders of the tragedy that unfolded hours before.

Residents also said that the attackers broke light bulbs in the yard before descending on the victims' house.

Another resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said she heard more than 20 shots fired and ran for cover.

“I just heard non-stop shots being fired. I could hear Cody trying to push things against the door to prevent them from coming in, but obviously that never work, because they broke the window and went in,” the woman said.

“I'm just concerned as to what will happen to the children because something like this will never leave them,” she added while cradling the injured woman's baby.

“All now the little boy don't eat,” she said, pointing out that that the children were still in shock.

She added that the five-year-old has been very quiet, “All she a say from morning is 'cover up my foot dem so dem don't show',” as those were reportedly her father's last words to her while he hid under the bed.

“Mi just tired of it now, man. It need fi done,” said another resident, who declined to give her name.

She said that violence had been plaguing the community since late last year.

“Dem need fi come down here with the state of emergency, because the amount a people that get killed around here is not right,” she said, while lamenting that only a few weeks before another resident had been killed.



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