Female Peanut Vendor Stabbed With 6-Inch Blade For Refusing Man

A female peanut vendor is in hospital battling for life after she was attacked and stabbed by a man in a brazen display at Portia Simpson Miller Square (Three Miles) in St Andrew on Monday evening.

Reports are that at about 6:30 p.m., the woman who plies her trade in that area, was trying to catch a sale in the busy square when a man walked up to her and the two got into an argument and then the unthinkable happened.

“Him took out a knife more than six inches long, and then just stabbed the woman,” an alleged eyewitness said who lingers at the location.

Seconds after the attack, members of a police team were passing through the area, saw what was happening and came to the rescue of the female, who had been left lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

While some of the officers attended to the seemingly badly injured woman, some quickly latched on to the escaping attacker, and managed to chase, corner and apprehend him.

This was while some of the law enforcers rushed the woman to hospital, where she has reportedly been admitted in serious condition.

Police say they are looking at several motives behind the brutal knife attack that was carried out by a man against the woman. "One of the motives suggests that the man attacked the woman because she had turned down a number of advances that he had reportedly made towards her," a police source said.

“We have received that report, along with several other claims, and they are all angles that we are looking at,” said a policeman who was at the crime scene. The love bug claim was something that scores of angry onlookers spoke of at the scene of the attack.

“A that him attack the woman over. A more than one time him a look the girl and she nah take no talk, she a make it clear that a sell she come to sell her peanut to earn a little money so she can take care of herself, and it look like a vex the bwoy vex and dah try take it out on the girl,” said a man who indicated that he was initially left rooted to the spot where he was standing in shock during and after the attack.

The incident triggered anger and shock in the general area where the stabbing took place and the suspect was held, with onlookers demanding that the police release the man so that they could dish out their own brand of justice on him.

“It hurt me heart to see how the man deal with the woman. The man stab the woman and a fight to pull out the knife to get ‘way. Have mercy! How man can so wicked!” exclaimed a man on the scene, who was reduced to tears as he recounted the incident.

One man among the group was literally moved to tears after the incident, and said he felt the situation warranted the use of force from the police. “When the police to use force and kill people them nah do it,” the man stated without batting an eyelid. “Imagine the man stabbed the girl inna broad daylight.

“The bwoy should a dead. A shoulda him body dem a bring in. Hardworking girl trying to make her honest living and that’s how him deal with her; it sad,” said the man who said he resides in nearby Majestic Gardens.



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