'Dirty' Cop Steals Laptop Day After Graduating From Training School
A young police constable has been placed under probe only a day after he reportedly graduated from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) training school and was to officially take up his position on the nation’s streets as a full-fledge member of the force. The cop is under investigation in connection with the theft of a laptop.

Reports are that on Saturday, May 12, a software developer of a Kingston 8 address visited the Central CIB office in Kingston and requested the assistance of the police to recover his laptop.

The software technician reported that the item was stolen from his car on Friday while it was parked on the compound of Sovereign Shopping Centre in St Andrew, and that he had reported the matter at the Matilda’s Corner Police Station, which covers the area where the laptop was lost.

Police were told that the software technician had managed to track his laptop to 96 Orange Street in down Kingston, hence his visit to the Central Police Station.

Acting on the information, reports are that a team of officers accompanied the complainant to the location, and during a search, the laptop was recovered at a premises that was being operated as a shop.

The shop owner, when questioned, told the police that the laptop had been left there by a friend who would be returning soon to have it fixed.

Shortly after, the person who the shop owner spoke about turned up at the establishment.

The individual was held and questioned, and later identified himself as a young police constable who had graduated a day before.

The new JCF member was asked where he got the laptop from, and he reportedly indicated that a man known to him as ‘Country’ of a Waterhouse, Kingston 11 address, gave it to him just hours before he was held.

The investigators, acting on the information provided by the police constable, ended up apprehending a man in Seven Miles, Bull Bay, St Andrew, who reportedly goes by the moniker that the young policeman had given the investigating team.

The man was later interrogated, and minutes into the session, reportedly changed his story and denied knowing the name ‘Country’, and refuted the claims that the new police constable had made against him regarding the laptop.

However, after further questioning, the man reportedly indicated that he did know the police constable for several years.

The man reportedly told the investigators that he was contacted by the police constable before the police team arrived where he was, and told to take the blame for the stolen laptop, and to also tell the police that he was known as ‘Country’.

The man reportedly told the investigators that the police constable had told him to tell the detectives that he found the laptop in a garbage bin.

The man claimed that he agreed when the police constable made the request, but later changed his story when he found out the seriousness of the matter, and made the decision to speak the ‘truth’.

Reports are that statements have since been recorded from all the parties and a formal probe has been launched into the matter.



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