License Firearm Holder Shot Woman 3 Times Chasing 'Windscreen Wiper'

A woman had to be rushed to hospital after being accidentally shot by a licensed firearm holder on the grounds of the Sovereign Centre in St Andrew this morning.

Its reported that the gun owner opened fire on a windscreen wiper which hit the woman causing her to fall to the ground.

A medical doctor and bystanders rushed to the scene and assisted the injured woman into a Sports Utility Vehicle and took her to hospital.

Attempts made to speak with the alleged shooter, who was accompanied by a policeman wasn't possible.

He was shielded by the policeman, who took him inside the popular shopping centre.

Crowds of people engulfed the scene wondering what was causing the uproar.

The windscreen wiper, Christopher Rhoden, who was the alleged target of the gunfire, told The Gleaner his side of the story.

Rhoden said he approached the man's car and attempted to wipe his windscreen but he would not allow it.

According to Rhoden, “Him select up him gun, so mi say, “bossy what dat fah, a wah yuh a go do? Kill mi inna de mawnin ya?”, him say him nah tek no check from no man,”.

He said the driver then parked at a gas station, exited the car and chased him.

“Run him a run mi dung now, and select the gun, and fire it … and it (the bullet) end up in a woman right over deh soh; fi nutten at all,” Rhoden alleged.

Two male bystanders who alleged that they witnessed the incident credited Rhoden’s story.

Windshield Wiper

“Mi call to the man before the man fire the gun, enuh, an de man still fire the gun. De man is a wicked man. Dem people deh nuh fi have gun. Because mi call to de man, when mi call to the man, the man turn roun and look pon mi!” alleged one of the eyewitnesses.

The medical doctor who accompanied the injured woman to hospital who said that she seemed to have been shoot not once but three times, twice in the abdomen and once in a leg.



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