Father Pays Child Support For 8 Years But Never Seen His Child

Although he has been paying child support for the past eight years, Ricardo Daley says he has been unable to see his son. He told THE STAR that in 2009, he and his third babymother had an argument while she was about seven months pregnant, and things went to court.

"When we had the fallout, we go court and had a domestic order on us. We were not supposed to be in the same area unless we were in court. After the fallout, she tell me seh I will never see the child," he said.

Daley said that the matter went to Family Court as they continued to have arguments after the child was born because he wanted to have visitation rights.

He said that the judge asked him if he was sure he was the father of the child, and shortly after, a DNA test was done.

"The DNA test was done when the child was six weeks old, and it show seh a my child. From then till now, I don't get to see my baby. I don't even know what he looks like. One a the judge told us that we needed to sign a paper to go RGD (Registrar General's Department) so that my name can go on the birth certificate, and she nuh sign it. So, even though me have a paternity paper to say that I am the child's father, me still nuh deh pan the birth certificate," he said.

While Daley proclaims to be a great father to his five other children, he said that he is not sure why this babymother does not want him to see his child.

"I have three babymothers, and she is the only one that doesn't want me to see my child. My other children are eager to see him, and they are always asking me when can they see him," he said.

Daley said that he has made numerous attempts to get in contact with his child's mother, but he is unable to do so.

"The only time me see her is when we go court. I don't even know where she lives to serve her a summons, and I don't even have a number for her. Couple years ago when we did go court, me tell the court that she is not allowing me to see my child, and the judge is telling me to go and find her. I don't know where to find her," he said.

When asked how child support is paid, he said that he has to go to Family Court to pay because he is unable to get in contact with her.

"Me haffi go court to pay child support. The last time me see her in court, the judge mek we exchange number, and she call me one time, and from then, me can't get in contact with her," he said.

"All me want is to see my child, and I don't know why she taking that from me. I am just so frustrated right now," he said.

According to Dr Herbert Gayle, chairman of Fathers Inc, Daley's plight is not uncommon. However, he stated that men need to have some patience with these matters.

He added that men who are faced with situations such as this should press through in order to be heard, especially since the court system is changing.

"The court has changed significantly, and they are trying to be fair. Men have a bad habit. They can't take the pressure, and they just comply, but he is very likely to get his rights," he said.

Gayle also said that men need to be aware of their rights.

"The traditional problem with men is that they don't follow up. Women know that if they stick it to the men, they won't fight. He needs to get the name of someone at Family Court and keep staying at it until he gets through," he said.



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