Woman Gang-raped at River Seeks Help to Relocate Pre-teen Daughters

A 45-year-old mother of two, who was viciously gang-raped by gunmen three months ago, now fears that her daughters could be next, as the culprits continue to plunder the rural St James community where she lives with impunity.

The woman who decides not to be named stated that since her ordeal, she heads home each day praying that her little ones, both preteens, have not been violated. She also said that she is desperately hunting for a new home.

She explained that traumatic ordeal which remains fresh in her mind. She said that she was at a nearby spring doing her regular laundry when she was pounced upon by the gang.


"It was very embarrassing. I could do nothing. I had to let them take turns doing what they are doing or resist and be killed," she said. "More than all, they are still in the community, but this is a community that nobody sees anything, nobody hears anything."


"I reported the incident to the police, and go to doctor to make sure I didn't get any disease (sexually transmitted infection), but I have not heard anything else from the police since," she added. "Now they are seeing my girls coming from school and telling them how much they want them, and I feel helpless because I have no one to help."

The police have confirmed that they are investigating, but said that they were not aware of the threats against her girls.


She had moved to the community six years ago, after fire gutted her previous home. She said that she has since been served notice to vacate the property by June.

However, she said that her weekly income cannot support an expensive monthly payment for rent and her daughters at the same time.


The mother's situation is further complicated because the girls have to go home without her after school each day, as she is not allowed to keep them at her place of work.

"I feel like I am failing my daughters because they are depending on me to protect them," she lamented. "If I don't have a job, I cannot support them. And even though there is an adult in the house that we are living, these men can return at any time."

She is now hoping that she can get some help to build a one-bedroom house, in a community far from where she currently resides.



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