Don Wants '100 HEADS' in Reprisal For His Son's Death; August Town

It was only two years ago that August Town was celebrating 365 days without a murder. Fast-forward and the same community is on edge following multiple murders since the start of the year.

One resident of the community who wanted to remain anonymous told THE STAR in an interview that a don said he wants 100 men killed in reprisal for the murder of his son, who was killed last year.

"Me a hear seh him point out seh him nuh business a who, but people a go dead," the source said.

However, Inspector Stephen Taylor of the August Town police  states that they heard rumours, however, he does not think they are true.

"That was said but I am yet to say that there is any truth in that ... to me, it was just a rumour to scare people. It is a scare tactic," he said.

Taylor said that the ongoing war in the community is about land. He added that this issue has plagued the community for years.

"August Town over the years has this problem where people want to capture areas, and what is happening now is that a lot of people are returning from prison and they want back the area in which they have left," he said.

He said that men from the Hermitage, Jungle 12 and Bryce Hill areas are at war, and, as such, when one is killed from one area, there is reprisal.


"What happened is that people turn the story around for some areas to look bad. What we are having is a turf war and there is an ongoing feud in these areas," he said.

Taylor said that he does not think the killing of the don's son has anything to do with what is currently happening. However, residents are adamant that the threats are true.

"Me did hear people a seh so yes and some man dead after him son dead, but because police and soldier dung yah di bad man dem a hide out," one female said.

She added that things are better right now because of the military presence and she hopes that they will continue to be in the community.

"Things all right now. Places open till late but a true because the police deh here. We know seh as the police gone, dem a go come back," she said.



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