MARKED FOR DEAD; Man Plagued by Scammers And Thugs Fears Death

A 59-year-old handcart operator, says he is marked for death by thugs and scammers in his community, and he is sure that one of these persons will eventually kill him.

Brown, a one-time security contractor from St James, explained that his fear of being killed pushed him to come forward.

"I am coming public with this because I want the world to know who took my life, if I die outside of natural cause," he said when the team visited his home recently. "There is a group of lotto scammers around, who will try to take my life. It is just a matter of time."

He said that his life came under threat shortly after the shooting death of the late political activist Kenrick 'Bebe' Stephenson.

"They move come here and continue their scamming, and at one point they offered to show me how to do it. But I told them I was not interested, and from that is just problem," he said.

In one of the attacks, he said that the window to his bedroom and the windscreen of a motor car that was parked in his yard were damaged.

He claims that numerous reports to the police did not change the situation.

"I was doing my duty as a citizen by reporting criminal activity, but when I return from the police station each time they would laugh at me and let me know that no police will arrest them," he said.

Brown said that he even made a complaint to the Area One headquarters, but nothing came of it. He noted that only the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) was willing to act on his concern, but none of the offenders were found when they came to investigate.

"I call the police because I don't want anyone loitering around my property and I am mistaken for a scammer. But they treating me as if I am a madman. Only MOCA take me serious," he said.

"No!," was the abrupt response when asked if he had a history of insanity.

"A security company would not give a madman a shotgun and a handgun on his duties. You had to be balanced and in your right mind," he said.

Despite his issues remaining unresolved, Brown said that he has much to be proud of, as he will soon be the legitimate owner of the land he captured years ago.

"The authorities keep meeting, give each property a lot number and an account number and tell us how much to pay," he said. "I almost finish pay off, only have $158,000 left. Then it is really mine. I want to be alive to enjoy it."



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