Two Killed in Denham Town; Gunmen 'Gunless' Community 'Defenseless'

Even with a Zone of Special Operation (ZOSO) in Denham Town, the residents of the Kingston Western community said their fears have heightened following the killing of two men yesterday.

"The man inna him yard and a cool down him face with him bleaching cream and just get one in a him head and dead. The man dem jump him fence and go ina him yard and just done him, just like dat," a resident said.

He said that before the yellow tapes were cleared, gunshots rang out in another section of the community signalling the death of the second victim.

"People not even accept say the youth dead yet and den before yu know it is a next man dat gone. Something no right cuz is like dem deh two steps ahead a di police dem," he said.

Last week, the residents expressed concerns about their safety as rumours swirled that ZOSO was in the third and 'relaxed' stage of the operation.

They argued that as a result, gunmen had gained access to the community from the entrances that were once guarded by the security forces.

"It rough, enuh. Is like you a live and still nuh sure if you a go see tomorrow. Nobody no feel safe down here. The killer dem no fraid a police and ZOSO take way all a di man dem gun and left dem harmless, and still can't offer proper protection," the resident said.

Killings increased the murder tally to three in four days.

Yesterday's killings were confirmed by the Constabulary Communications Unit.



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