Second Eyewitness Claim Robber Was Killed; Chased And Shot by Guards

In an early report on grounds of a female being robbed of her handbag on Hagley Park road, St Andrew, one witness gave their side of the story where the woman gave chase of the robber and fired shots at him.

We receive new information from a second eye witness who gave their side of the story and also part video evidence of the event.

According to this eyewitness, it was not the lady who gave chase at the thief but 3 license fire arm holder at a nearby car mart.

They were alerted when the lady screamed out 'thief''. The firearm holders gave chase at the thief and fired several shots. The thief gave up chase and was cornered behind a vehicle.

He was taken away by the police after they arrive at the scene.

It may seem he was hit as the next day it was told by a security officer that the thief succumb to his injuries.

"I only catch part of the incident more shots where fired." said the second eye witness who provided the video. "It don't video good because breeze was blowing very hard on the high roof that i was on" ...



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