63-Y-O Man Recently Gone Blind Hung Himself With Bedsheets

The New Haven community is in shock following the suspected suicide of 63-year-old Ronald Pinnock, who was found dead early yesterday morning.

According to the police's Constabulary Communications Unit (CCU), Pinnock was found hanging by a bed sheet from the ceiling of his house. The police were summoned, and upon their arrival, the scene was processed and the body removed to the morgue

Jermaine Cameron, who shared a house with the visually impaired Pinnock, said that although he knows that he was depressed, he is heartbroken that he resorted to suicide to ease his pain.

"Him always a complain say him family dem never business with him. A last year him get blind, and him did a hope him would get help to do a surgery, but him never get any," he said.

Cameron said that he last saw Pinnock alive at approximately 1 a.m., on Wednesday.

"Me borrow a bills from him and tell him say me a go give him back inna the morning. Me and him in deh a reason, and him all a joke with me say me fi make sure say me give him back him money," he said.

But when he went to repay the money in the morning, he did not get a response from Pinnock, who is a former bus driver.

"Me call him, and him no answer me couple times well. So, me peep through a little hole in him door and me see him stand up behind the door, so me a say him a go open it and let me in," he said.

Cameron said that he decided to enter Pinnock's room from the other side of the dwelling after a few minutes had passed and he got no response.

"Me a wonder a what a happen cause me know me see him stand up deh. Me force and open the door cause him did lock up from inside, and that's when me realise say a chair was in front of him, and him hang himself with the sheet," he said.

The Duhaney Park police are investigating.



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