Skeletal Remains Found Near ‘Business Hotspot’ Back Road Portmore

The St Catherine South police are probing the discovery of skeletal remains that were found on Monday during a cleaning exercise in the vicinity of the popular 'Back Road' area in Port Henderson Road, Portmore.

It is understood that a group of people were undertaking a clean-up exercise when they stumbled upon a skull.

Further checks were made and other parts of the skeleton were also discovered.

The police were then summoned to the area.

Head of the St Catherine South Police Division, Senior Superintendent Clive Blair, confirmed the findings.

"The owners of an establishment were cleaning an area along Back Road to make it a parking lot for its patrons who visit the premises, and they discovered skeletal remains and immediately after that the police commenced investigations," he said.

When asked if it was possible to determine the gender based on the remains, the police said that they would need to conduct a number of tests.

"We can't come to any conclusions, certain things will have to be done. It's at the funeral home now, and certain test, DNA and so forth will have to be done," Blair said.



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