'Phone Grabber' Escapes Death in Halfway Tree When Mob Attacked

A man was lucky to escape with his life in Half-Way Tree on Saturday afternoon after being viciously attacked by an angry mob who accused him of stealing a woman’s phone.

Reports are that about 1:30 pm, a woman was seen on the Springs Plaza in the commercial district, running and shouting “tief, tief, mi want mi phone” while a young man was speeding away from her.

A man was subsequently held by a private security officer, and within minutes a crowd descended on the pair and demanded that the man be killed.

The male security officer tried to take the man away from the growing crowd but the mob was too much for the officer. They rained blows all over the body of the alleged thief, before other security officers joined in the rescue of the man.

Still, the officers were outnumbered by the angry mob, which included a security guard (from another company), who kicked the bleeding alleged “phone grabber” into his groin, and pulled a ratchet knife from his waist, and attempted to harm the already wounded man.

That security guard was eventually pulled away by a small section of the crowd, who begged for “mercy”.

The man was eventually rescued by the police. But not before being battered and bruised.

It wasn't confirmed if the woman's phone was returned.

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