Gunman Welcomes A Cab Driver to His Own Home And Shot Him Dead

It has become harder and harder to predict criminal patterns these days, what with the increase brazenness of some lawbreaker.

Take, for example, the fact that outside of the home is where most people fear being attacked by gunmen.

And even when at home, it is usually in the dead of night, when invaders use the cover of extreme darkness, the absence of witnesses, and the element of surprise to gain the upper hand in their activities.

Moxroni Locke, otherwise called ‘Donovan’, a 43-year-old mason and taxi operator of Lothian Avenue in the Kingston 11 area, despite the hour involved, it was nothing of the above in an incident that cost his life on Saturday.

In fact, Locke’ was surprised when he returned home with his child’s mother early on Saturday morning, only to find a man comfortably waiting in his yard.

Locke’s big mistake was to take the unannounced visit as just that – an enquiry of some sort, so he reportedly calmly went to the man to find out why he was at the home.

In response, Locke got the shock of his life when the man pulled a firearm and open fire on him with it.

The victim was hit in the upper region of the body and was later pronounced dead at the Kingston Public Hospital.

The Hunts Bay police are investigating the rather unusual incident.



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