Day-Old Baby Found in KFC's Restroom at Old Harbour, St Catherine

The Old Harbour police are still trying to find the mother of a young baby who was discovered inside a Fast-food restaurant's restroom last evening in the heart of Old Harbour, St Catherine.

The child was discovered at about 7:00 pm by a female staff, who alerted her colleagues and supervisor.

The police were then notified and was prompt on the scene where they were greeted with the little bundle of joy.

The baby was handed over to the officers, who immediately took her to a nearby medical facility.

The child was examined where doctors say she was not more than a day old, an officer said.

A large crowd which had gathered outside the popular fast-food restaurant made the news flood the town.

The child was seen by a doctor who gave her a fresh start of health

Finding the mother of the child could be very difficult, an officer stated saying businesses are not under any obligation to supply video footage to law enforcement agencies irrespective of the situation.

The officer cited past incidents that occurred in the town in which business owners refused to release any video footage stored that would assist police investigation.

However, new legislation currently before Parliament will make it compulsory for business operators to hand over video footage of importance to law enforcers, the police said.

This is the second time that a baby has been discovered at the same establishment in the last two years.

In May 2016 a baby one week old was found at the same location with a bag and a note, stating that the mother was raped and unable to care for the toddler.



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