S.O.E: 15 Y-O Held For Several Shootings And Murders in St James

Based on observation, the security forces searches in Flankers, Montego Bay, in St James were not entirely random as in some instances, specific buildings were targeted on Codac Street, in Red Dirt and in Hog City, where residents say are the hotbed of the violence.

Yesterday's state of emergency in the parish was deemed long overdue.

High drama unfolded on Codac Street shortly before midday when a 15-year-old boy, who has been implicated in several shootings and murders, including the recent incident in the vicinity of the Sangster International Airport, was apprehended in a building, where a search had been previously conducted but yielded nothing.

Getting to the young man was like doing an obstacle course for the lawmen as they had to climb over an unfinished roof on the three-floor building, navigate barriers, and kick in doors to reach his hiding place.

"A him a di danger man. Don't mek the boyish look fool yu," whispered a young woman as the youngster was marched out of the building. "I hope dem lost him a prison. Him nuh fit fe road."

Shortly after the teen was held, loud cries were heard coming up the road as his mother rushed to scene, crying and begging the security forces not to kill him, saying he was just young and misguided.

"Please don't kill him! A just last week dem shoot him breda on mi birthday," said the mother, crying. "Mi nah go swear fi him because me nuh know wha him a do when him nuh inna me presence, but please don't hurt him."

During the day's operation, other wanted men were arrested, and there were unconfirmed reports that an AK47 rifle was found.

While the Cambridge community was searched extensively, Ryan 'Ratty' Peterkin, who leads the notorious Ratty Gang and who is one of the prime targets for the security forces, was not among those held.

A press conference to give details of the day's operation was slated for yesterday afternoon at the western Office of the Prime Minister, but it was called off without explanation.



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