Couple Blames Cops For The Death of Their 'Christmas Baby'

When my girlfriend went into labour at home on Christmas Eve, one month before the date the doctors had said she would deliver her baby, 26-year-old Dujon Foxton thought the police officers stationed a few steps away from his house would be able to render assistance.

Foxton, a resident of Mavis Bank in the hilly area of rural St Andrew was given the shock of his life when the cops on duty told him that there was nothing they could do to help.

In response, they were like, 'We are not prepared for these types of things and the vehicle here is not really for that'.

The Christmas spirit got crushed for Foxton and his family learning that their newborn baby was dead, leaving them struggling to look towards the new year with any hope.

The baby was expected on January 23, but his girlfriend started feeling pain on December 24 at about seven o'clock in the morning.

Several calls were being made trying to get a vehicle to take her to the hospital.

Baby Cloths

The couple had to put a hold on their calling when his girlfriend's water broke, followed by contractions, and then shouted that their baby, the second for the couple, was coming.

Apart from an elderly couple being their neighbour, They were alone; Foxton with no experience started to assist his girlfriend to deliver their baby as he saw the head coming.

"I hold the head and I started to pull, she said it is too painful, I must wait a little"

"I rush out to the Police station that was about 15 footsteps away and I said to them that my girlfriend is having a baby, I would like a vehicle to take her to the hospital,"

He said that there was at least one marked vehicle parked at the Mavis Bank Police Station when he got there, and he spoke to at least two cops.

When no help was forthcoming, he quickly ran back to the house.

He went back and found his baby fully delivered and on the ground and his girlfriend, about to pass out.

He made several more calls and was told that a midwife who was contacted had decided to stop at the health centre in hopes that the couple would have been able to make it there.

"I went up the road the second time to ask somebody for a vehicle. Her mother came with the vehicle and I place her in and I took her around to the clinic," he said.

His girlfriend and baby were then taken to the University Hospital of the West Indies, where the baby was pronounced dead.

"It is something that I don't even like to talk about because whenever I talk about it, I start to feel the emotions coming on all over again."

She hasn't been out of bed much since returning from the hospital.

The Mavis Bank Police Station

The Jamaica Gleaner made contact with acting head of the CCU, Assistant Superintendent Dahlia Garrick, who said she was informed that the police officers eventually went to the couple's house, but found the baby wrapped in a towel, not breathing.

She said members of the police force are trained to respond to all types of emergencies.

"We offer service and we assist in whatever way we can. In fact, we are all trained first-aiders and it is not unusual for the police to assist persons in medical emergencies. It is something that we do from day to day," said Garrick.

Foxton and his family find little comfort in her words as they are convinced that had the police acted sooner, they would have entered the new year with a new baby.



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