Teen And Mother Had Warnings: DO NOT Allow Men to Visit The House

A sad Christmas it will be for some residents of Seaview Gardens in St Andrew, who are now mourning the death of 15-year-old Denise Hume who was shot dead yesterday afternoon at her home.

Police states that Denise was at her home in the community about 2:50 pm when she was shot in the head. Residents allege that her attacker was her boyfriend.

She was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

It is reported that the man, who residents say is about 26 years old, is also from Seaview Gardens.

Residents are speculating that the suspect killed Denise in a rage after she sent him a Whatsapp message that she was ending their relationship. 

Residents claiming to be eyewitness, say they saw the alleged killer running from the yard soon after they heard the explosion.

The child's aunt, Desrine Dayes, who was crying uncontrollably, claimed that carelessness and idleness were the causes of her niece's death.

“Mi tired fi tell Debbie (Denise's mother) say she harbour too much man inna her yard. Run dem a dem yard, me tell her,” she lamented.

“Mi never like wah a gwaan, mi never like it and mi warn dem,” she continued.

“Mi tell Den Den (Denise), 'You cannot deh wid him, him too big fi yuh, wait until you a 18',” but Dayes said her warnings fell on deaf ears.

She added that the house occupied by Denise, her mother and four other siblings also served as a shop.

Denise, a grade 10 student at the Jose Marti High School in Spanish Town, St Catherine, would've celebrated her 16th birthday next Wednesday. She was described by residents as well-mannered and promising.

“A one nice little girl, enuh; she do everything weh her mother tell her fi do. All that line a clothes you see a she wash the whole a dem before she go beach yesterday,” Denise's elderly neighbour Nestlyn Redguarde said, while pointing at a clothes line by the child's home.

“She was a nice girl and a this reach Denise... Dem supposed to know is who because is in the house it happen,” the neighbour said.

“She nuh give no trouble at all, a the best pikney Debbie have down there,” cried one resident, who gave her name only as Karen, adding that she is a friend of the child's mother.

“If Denise pass 100 times she tell you good evening, sometime me have to tell her nuh tell me no more evening,” Karen said.

The 15-year-old's neighbour, who goes by the alias “Shorty”, was in shock yesterday.

“She just call me like five minutes before me hear say she dead. She tell me she want me do her hair and she ask me what kind of hair to buy and I told her buy a curly hair. Mi can't believe this,” she said.

Residents say they are calling on the police to quickly bring the teenager's killer to justice.



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