Man Commits Suicide After Hitting A Child Who Didn't Die

When residents in the community of Friendship, St Mary, gathered at a wake last Saturday evening, they never knew that their convergence would have led to the mysterious death of one of their beloved sons.

But today, they are still dumbfounded as to what really led to the death of a young vibrant member of the community, who is suspected of committing suicide after revving his brand new ‘yeng yeng’ bike into the crowd at the wake, and hitting down a little boy who he thought had died.

It is reported that the child only suffered minor injuries.

The body of Leo Bucknal, 26, was found hanging from a burglar bar with an electrical cord around the neck, the Corporate Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force reported.

Lincoln Dixon, councillor for the Islington division, which Friendship is part of, said that since Bucknal’s body was found at the Friendship Post Office the day after the wake, a sombre mood has been looming over the community as Bucknal was a popular person in the area.

“The entire space in that area is in a dull, sombre mood because he was a well-known guy and he has good manners,” Dixon said. “Every inch of the area you travel you would hear, ‘Boy, what a ting’,” he said.

However, Dixon said that there are many whispers from people in the community that Bucknal may not have taken his own life.

“The way they found him and pictures going around may suggest that it might not have been suicide,” Dixon stated.

“The position they saw him in with his face to the wall of the post office with a rope around his head, not around his neck. I heard that it [the electrical cord] was from on top of the head come under the cheek. That is why people are saying that it could not have been him who did it.”

They Islington police are still carrying out investigations.

Images shown on this article were recreated by our team and should NOT be taken real, however the story is indeed 100% true and was obtained from the Jamaica Star



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