13 Y-O Boy Committed Suicide in St Mary; Video Found on Cellphone

A 13-year-old student of Belmont High School was shot dead over the weekend in a case of suspected suicide. Dead is Davion Johnson from Grange Hill in Westmoreland.

We have since learnt that Johnson went to St Mary to visit his mother and step father, who is a licensed firearm holder.

It is further understood that his stepfather locked away the gun in a vault and left the keys on top and went to bed.

The next morning the youngster was discovered missing and checks were made when he was seen under a table in the living room with the gun beside him and a wound to his chest.

A video, allegedly found on the young man's phone, was where he opened up about his life and why he killed himself.


"Welcome, this is my first video that i made about why i killed my self.
You probably know by now that i am dead, or maybe i was saved and is in the hospital, regardless of which am not sure, but i never want to be saved again.
The first time i tried suicide, i never wanted to be saved.
I allowed my self to be saved because i coundn't stand the pain.

#1 reason why i killed my self is because i take insults very seriously for example when someone say i act like an idiot like what my aunt Joy would always say.
I take her statetment seriously and its makes me feel very bad.
Every time i try to be nice its just doesn't work.
I never like when people swear at me especially my aunt Joy who almost every day would complain about me.

#2 reason why i killed me self is because my school work is very hard and i know for sure i won't pass my exams.
I know if i don't pass i wont be able to go to school so it doesn't make any sense i try when i wont get a good grade.
Often times i get bullied at school, I also would fight. I have stop the fighting now.
Only one fight i have gotten into when i was at Belmount High in first grade.

"I hate to be on the school bus at times as the kids always act like idiots and would always be slapping me in my head all the time.
I wish i could shoot and kill them all, that was what i wanted to do when i grow up for the way i was treated.
I said no, its better i kill myself which is the better way."

"You have to be careful of the words you say to your kids because they might also take it serious and kill themselves like me.

later ... Rest in Peace ...."



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