Pastor Suing Burial Park For Falling In Open Grave at Funeral

A pastor of a Corporate Area church is planning to sue the operators of Dovecot Memorial Park and Crematorium after falling in a grave following the burial of a former church member on Saturday.

The young 36-year-old pastor had just finished the committal of the deceased woman and was walking away, when he suddenly lost his footing.

"We finished the funeral and where everybody was standing during the course of the committal, that's where I walked," the pastor recounted to THE STAR.


"So after walking past a number of the deceased family members, I just felt my right foot give way. At first, I thought my right foot had broken off. I was wondering what is this, but I realised it (right leg) moved when I tried moving it."

It turned out that where the large gathering of mourners were standing was actually an area prepared for another burial and beneath the earth was a grave slab which yielded to the pastor's approximately 275lb frame.


"There was no sign to show that it was a grave site, as the area was covered with dirt. It was level and everybody was standing there," the pastor pointed out. "It was a frightening experience for everybody, including myself. Persons were screaming and bawling out."

"Most persons were saying don't let it go like that so I think I am going to sue."


The pastor had to seek medical treatment and has since been placed on sick leave and ordered to not apply any pressure to his legs. He is slated to do an MRI on his right leg today to check for bone damage and an X-ray on the ligaments in his left ankle.

But while he is in much discomfort, he is thankful to God that he did not suffer more severe injuries.



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