Video of Man Surfing Crocodile Gone Viral on Social Media

"What is joke to you is death to me" one commenter wrote who having seen a video of a crocodile being captured, expressed her concern for an individual toying around with the animal.

The videos showed residents at a particular location with a reptile in an open trench, noose by its upper jaw, the reptile was captured and tied up, hopefully held until the proper authorities arrive for its relocation.

Its not strange for these animals to be lurking in community areas as they at times are drawn by various food sources such as a garbage.

Meanwhile, a cold front across the western Caribbean continues to produce unstable weather conditions across Jamaica.

Satellite imagery and radar reports indicate that periods light to moderate, and at times heavy showers and thunderstorms affected mainly southern parishes today.

Projections are for showers and thunderstorms to continue affecting sections of most parishes tonight. Flash flooding is therefore a possibility over some low-lying and flood-prone areas of all parishes.



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