Female Employee Arrested For Scamming Millions From Card Holders

The police are warning debit and credit cardholders in St Ann to ensure that their cards are being swiped in their presence as an employee of a business establishment in the parish was arrested on Wednesday for scamming millions of dollars from customers. 

The arrest of the woman was a part of a larger probe by investigators from the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC), who also arrested two other scammers from St Andrew and Manchester. 

They too are alleged to have played a role in the fleecing of millions from persons in St Andrew and Manchester. 

The identities of those arrested have not been revealed. 

The female employee from St Ann is alleged to have been aided by a skimming machine which she used to defraud over two million dollars from the cards of customers. 

She was arrested at a popular eatery in St Ann’s Bay on Wednesday and then taken into custody, where she will be questioned. 

Also on Wednesday, the police arrested an employee of a service station in Christiana, Manchester after he was seen swiping the personal data from customers’ debit and credit cards. The police also seized a skimming device from his possession. 

He is to be questioned by C-TOC investigators. 

Another man was arrested in St Andrew, when a device called a “writer”, which creates duplicates of debit and cards, was taken from his possession. 

The police also seized blank debit and credit cards, in the scam that was brought to the attention of the police last week. 



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