What The Heck is Going on in Jamaica? Why So Much Guns?

On Friday, September 1, 2017, in a press conference at Jamaica House, Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced the nation’s first Zone of Special Operations (ZOSO): Mount Salem and its environs.

The St James communities will remain a ZOSO for the next 60 days, which means that the operation will finish at the end of October.

The following letter was written by a concerned Jamaican. Some readers may find intrest, some won't. There has been no edit or modification to the content and is presented in text form just as how it was obtain from the authur.

There has been Day in day out I personally take on the unenviable and unpaid task of writing about what is happening in Jamaica. I continue to remark on crime’s influence and how it is destroying the quality of life for my fellow countrymen and women who only want to live a law-abiding and decent life.

I feel that to whom much is given much is required and so it is not just about the little gifts that one may be able to give it’s also about the greater good ,that one may help in shaping the policy debates through legitimate well-intentioned advocacy.

In the process I have taken a lot of personal heat, criticism and even threats, enough to cause anyone to reasonably say what do I care , I just wont bother with this.

Others have accused me of trying to gain fame and notoriety from trying to bring attention to whats happening as it relates to crime.
The people who actually know me actually do laugh at those accusations, I am the last person to seek attention , in fact I do my utmost to stay in the shadows.

Others say “you are doing it for money,” that’s laughable too, I use my own money to ensure that this platform remain on the web so that not just myself but who would normally not have a voice gets their opinions and points of views heard.

I am convinced that the Jamaican people, despite all of their intellect and exuberance cannot live out their God-given potential in  an atmosphere of rampant crime, corruption, and violence.

It was that love of  people and dedication to duty which got me shot in a dark alley on Blackwood Terrace one night in 87 as I accompanied a complainant home after he made a report to us.
We could have taken his report and sent him home, instead we chose to accompany him to his house. We were to learn later that he had only told us half of the story, that omission nearly cost me my life on that fateful night.

A coward with a brand new illegal gun and the intention to kill waited in the darkness, I was not about to go without a fight, though shot and bleeding I was not about to surrender my life to a useless piece of human waste.

It is that  dedication to duty and commitment which galvanizes my energies and causes me to continue to keep supporting the rule of law and the imperfect men and women [many of whom  disagree with me] who risk their lives to keep others they never met safe.

It is for that reason that I continue to point to the structural defects in the laws which allows crime to continue unchecked.
As former SSP Reneto Adams alluded and I have been spoken to for years, there are no real deterrent in the laws. That lack of deterrent is having a deleterious effect on the ability of the police to impact crime in a meaningful way.

Terrence Williams
Self-serving Commissioner of INDECOM

The nation’s leaders have steadfastly buried their collective heads in the sand and ignored the advice and counsel of people who know and have opted to take the advice of people with personal vendettas and agendas antithetical to the best interest of our country.

Pride will not allow them to say we made a mistake, so they double down on the mistakes, squandering scarce resources and precious lives in the process.

No ZOSO will have any meaningful impact on crime. ZOSO is like a well run police precinct which covers a particular geographical area.
My experience taught me that criminals will not stick around where there are no-nonsense police, they simply migrate to other areas.

This I stated repeatedly before the ZOSO was even enacted into law, immediately after the first ZOSO was declared the police and other entities confirmed that criminals were running to other areas.

the existential threat criminals pose to the country cannot be ignored by the nation’s leaders. It is a gross dereliction of duty and an  abject failure to take active measures to protect law abiding citizens from rampaging criminals, who are unafraid and undeterred.

The Island’s leaders continue to outsource the Island’s security to Terrence Williams, an ego maniacal narcissist with an agenda and a vendetta, funded by foreign interest.
Additionally the Government have allowed another tax-payer  funded agency, [the public defenders office] to become a antagonistic tool  of criminals against the nation’s law enforcement agencies.

Arlene Harrison-Henry

At what point does the Government say enough?
Chief among the reasons for the nation’s exceptionally high murder rate is the fact that the Island’s judges act as a law onto themselves.

They summarily release the most dangerous killers back onto the streets as soon as the police haul them before the courts.

This kind of behavior is standard practice regardless of the gruesome nature of the crimes the accused are alleged to have committed.

The courts continue to make the scurrilous arguments that Bail ought not be used as punishment while ignoring the guidelines withing the very same bail act.
It is time that judges stand up and respect the constitution of Jamaica and cease and desist from the nefarious practices of granting bail to accused murderers over and over and over and over regardless of the amounts of time they kill while on bail.

Supreme Court Jamaica

4.-(1) Where the offence or one of the offences in relation to C~~CW which
the defendant is charged or convicted is punishable with which bail
imprisonment. Bail may be denied to that defendant in the following
(U) the Court, a Justice of the Peace or police officer is
satisfied that there are substantial grounds for believing
that the defendant, if released on bail would-
(i) fail to surrender to custody;
(ii) commit an offence while on bail; or
(iii) interfere with witnesses or otherwise obstruct
the course of justice, whether in relation to
himself or any other person;

(6) the defendant is in custody in pursuance of the sentence
of a Court or any authority acting under the Defense
the Court is satisfied that it has not been practicable to
obtain sufficient information for the purpose of taking
the decisions required by this section for want of time
since the institution of the proceedings against the
(d) the defendant, having been released on bail in or in
connection with the proceedings for the offence, is
arrested in pursuance of section 14 (absconding by person
released on bail);
(e) the defendant is charged with an offence alleged to have
been committed while he was released on bail:

It is an affront to the dignity of  law-abiding Jamaicans that this kind of behavior is allowed to continue to jeopardize their lives.
Aided and abetted no less than  by paid servants of the public whose duty it is to protect them, but who doesn’t think enough of them to themselves follow the laws.

This is having a devastating effect on the nation’s homicide rate and the overall statistics of violent crimes.
Two  days ago the police acting on information went to a location in Naggo Head Saint Catherine where they intercepted a man armed with a gun, during that confrontation the assailant was mortally wounded.

The deceased turned out to have been out on Bail on a murder charge.

Incensed at his death, his cronies are reported to have gone to the home of one of the police officers and opened fire at his wife and daughter.
Even though shot, Woman Inspector Grant returned fire killing one of the assailants and possibly injuring another ,who from reports turned up at the Kingston Public Hospital claiming he was shot by gunmen.

This medium have received credible information that the idea of going to the Inspector’s house was to hold Inspector Grant and her family until her husband arrived home then kill all of them.
This is the level of planning which is going on against the officers who uphold the laws.
Our officers are receiving no help from the Government, no help from the courts, no help from the civil society in practically eradicating this menace from the society.

Just some of the weaponry which have flooded the Island and are in the hands of gangsters.

Instead the Government indulges in platitudes and smoke and mirrors with a view to creating the impression that much is being done to aid in the fight against crime.
The terrorists who threaten the sovereignty and  legitimacy of the Jamaican state have not gone away, instead their ranks have swollen with deportees and others. Their arsenals have been replenished and improved.

The lethality and sophistication of the weaponry in the hands of the gangsters is stunning.
Yet the Government aided and advised by criminal enhancement groups like Jamaicans for Justice, the IACHR and it’s own creation, INDECOM, continue to ignore the clear and present danger these gangs pose to the nation’s security.

Recently recovered

I ask, “how long will this Government allow this condition to deteriorate, how much is enough” ?
How long will it be before both political parties finally and unequivocally renounce violence, condemn garrisons and commit to dismantling the garrisons which are the incubators for these gangs?




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