Student Shot at St Thomas School After Teacher Pulls Firearm on Intruders

A schoolboy was yesterday shot and injured during an altercation at the Robert Lightbourne High School in Trinityville, St Thomas.

The student, who was shot in the thigh, was taken to hospital where he was treated and admitted in stable condition. The constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit reported that the student received the gunshot wound about 11:45 am.

However, the police were unable to say who shot the student, but disclosed that a teacher at the institution discharged two rounds from a licensed firearm during another incident involving intruders.

The police say two students were involved in an altercation. One of the students reportedly left the school compound and returned with relatives, seemingly to defend him.

This was when the teacher reportedly fired his weapon. Detectives seized the teacher’s weapon and were investigating.

In the meantime, Education Minister Senator Ruel Reid has implored Jamaicans to stand up and become more supportive of the nations’ children, and not to stand idly by and watched while they are attacked.

“As Jamaicans, we are all conscious of what is happening with our children and we all need to support them. what is critical is that we stand up, speak up and where it becomes necessary, call the police.

“But in the absence of the police we cannot allow our children to be murdered, then call the police; what good will it do after a child has been killed?” Reid asked.

“Whatever we can do to save a life, do it, lend a hand, stand up for justice,” he added.

Screenshot #1

While the mystery still stands at its bizarre stage on how the student actually got shot, the above photo was a past incident at the school where students were seen to be possessed by daemons. Yea daemons! Watch footage below...



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