26-Y-O Woman Escapes Rape by Jumping From Moving Taxi

In a desperate attempt to save herself from her attacker, Tamara Williams* did what she describes as 'the unthinkable' and jumped from a moving white plate taxi in Montego Bay last Friday after the driver pulled a knife and threatened to rape her.

Williams said she boarded the taxi in front of the Fairview Shopping Centre with four other passengers to get to her residence in Ramble Hill.

The 26-year-old told THE STAR that she was the last person left in the taxi when the driver diverted from the route.

"When mi see him a go somewhere else mi say 'driver this is not the way to go Ramble Hill', and him keep on a go down on this dead end, so mi tell him fi let mi out, then mi hear when him lock the car door dem," Williams recounted. "Him tek out the knife and say if mi scream out, what him going to do me."

Thinking quickly, Williams said she flipped the car door and jumped from the vehicle.

"By mi get up fi run, him spin round the car, so mi start run and one car a come same time and mi stop them and him speed off past the car," Williams said.

She said the car she had stopped had a man and woman aboard.

"Him tell mi fi go report the incident at Freeport Police Station," Williams said. She said she took the advice of the 'Good Samaritan' and reported the incident.

Williams said that while she was not able to memorise the licence plate number of the taxi, she could identify the attacker if she is given the chance.

"The reason I took the taxi is because I saw the taxi sign on it," Williams said.

*name changed



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