Trinidadian Prostitute's Accent Running Jamaican's Out of 'Business'

A group of prostitutes who operate on Port Henderson Road, popularly known as 'Back Road', in Portmore, St Catherine, are furious that a Trinidadian has turned up on their turf and is robbing them of business.

“Nuff man like the likkle accent so they choose her,” one of the prostitutes told our news team on a visit to the 'hot spot' over the weekend.

Another one said: “She could sell over deh, she never did affi come a Jamaica.”

But one defended the twin-island republic native, saying that her vagina is not big enough to take all the men who frequent the spot and the ‘Trini’ has been really kind since she has been coming there.

The woman causing the headache is Peta-Gaye*.

Sporting a black fitted dress with splits on each side to accommodate her thick thighs, Peta-Gaye said she is staying with relatives in Kingston. She admitted that she visits the island for a two-month period every year and work at the spot to gain money to support her clothing retail business back home.

“When I come, the money that I work, I used it to buy clothes to sell when I go back home,” said Peta-Gaye in a Trinidadian accent, after a seemingly smooth transaction with a client in her rented room.

“I have heard they say that I am taking away their sale, but sometimes I come out and don’t make no money, so?”

Though she has heard the utterances, Peta-Gaye said there has never been an altercation between her and any of the females who work in the area.

She said that she realised it would be a good way to earn some extra cash whenever she is visiting her relatives when she saw the money her cousin made in one night at the spot which is renowned for prostitution.

“I said to myself, this is a good way to support my business,” the mother of three boys said.

She said she does not work as a prostitute in her home country.

When asked if she is not afraid of venereal diseases, she said STDs are only transferred when condoms are not properly worn.

“If you wear condoms all the time and you use them properly you will be fine,” she said



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