Man-Hunt Launched For Man Who Chopped His Woman Over Cold Food

The Trelawny police have launched a hunt for a man who used a machete to severe a portion of his common law wife's hand during a dispute, which was allegedly started over cold dinner.

Investigations were that on Friday evening the victim of the assault, Sonia Pearson, and the accused was at home in Wakefield in the parish when an argument developed over a meal which she prepared.

A close relative quoted saying, "She finish cook the food and was calling him to come for his dinner, but him never hear. She shared the food and put it down. By the time him come for the food, it got cold, and them start to argue, and him chop her."

Our news team gathered that the outcome could have been worse if the victim did not use her hand to shield her head from the machete-wielding man.

Pearson was chopped on her lower arm, in the area between the wrist and elbow.

She was rushed to the Falmouth Public General Hospital for treatment where she was admitted in a serious, but stable condition.

Before anyone could come to her assistance, the attacker fled the scene.

Head of the Trelawny Police Division Superintendent Clive Blair said that the matter is under investigation while the accused man is still on the run.



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