Half-Naked Woman Doused With Bleach After 'EX-GF' Saw Her In 'Her Bed'

A woman was sent dashing out of her boyfriend's house in her panties after his babymother walked into the house and saw her half-naked in the bed.

Yvette Newton confessed to dousing the woman with liquid bleach, but rejected a suggestion to pay $25,000 to the victim when a judge attempted to settle the matter through mediation yesterday.

Newton pleaded guilty to the charge of assault occasioning bodily harm when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court. It is alleged that on Saturday April 1, the complainant was at her boyfriend's house lying in bed while he was preparing breakfast.

"I looked up and saw a woman I didn't know with a bottle of fluid. She threw it in my face and say 'dutty gyal', weh you a do inna mi bed?," the complainant's statement, read out by the court clerk, indicated.

"My boyfriend then came into the room and held the woman and I ran out of the house in my underwear," the complainant said

After Newton pleaded guilty, presiding judge Chester Crooks offered to resolve the matter in court through mediation. However, the parties failed to come to an amicable agreement over the cost of the damage that was done to both parties.

Newton claimed that she also suffered damages, and was forced to spend $10,000 to nurse injuries she sustained.

"When mi catch har inna mi bed, mi baby-father used a mop stick and hit me and that is when I throw the bleach pon har," Newton explained.

But the father of her sixteen year old daughter refuted those claims. "I wouldn't hurt any of them," he said with a grin much to the amusement of the court.

The parties are to return to court on May 19.



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