Deported Son Hired Hit-Man To `TAKE OUT` His Own Mother Visiting Jamaica

If you think you’ve heard it all, here is a story to throw you off your hot seat. This is a TRUE story of a deported man who hired a hit-man to kill his own mother once she arrived in Jamaica.

The son, who we decided to name Marcus was deported to Jamaica after completing a 5-year sentence.  He was pulled over by police on highway 95 North, in February of  2009.  His car was searched and a large quantity of marijuana was discovered stashed inside the trunk of his Camry.  During his transition back into Jamaican society, Marcus was sent to live in a half-finished house owned by his mother.

For an entire year,  his mom Judith supported Marcus by transmitting monies via the Western Union, shipping barrels and sending clothes with any of her close friends who traveled to Jamaica. Everything Marcus wanted, Judith provided.

A year since passed and It came time for Judith to take a trip to Jamaica. Prior to her arrival in Jamaica, she was informed by her son that he was hospitalized for excruciating stomach pains, so the arrangement was to send a taxi man friend of his to pick her up from the airport.

The taximan arrived right on time and they proceeded to make their way into the area of Ironshore, Montego Bay. Shortly after exiting the airport, Judith began to express anxiety over her visit to see Marcus. She also shared the grand plans she had for her son in the coming days.

The entire ride, the only person she spoke about was Marcus. Upon hearing enough, the taxi driver decided to pull over then he sternly advised Judith to take the first flight back to New York.  He then proceeded to confess the reasons for Marcus’ absence.

As he was confessing their intended evil deeds, the taxi driver pulled out a gun as his way of proving to Judith that he was sent to kill her under the instructions of her own child.   Marcus’  instructions were to retrieve Judith from the airport, rob and kill her, then dump the body along the roadside of Ironshore.

Filled with shock and disappointed, she immediately begged the taxi driver to take her back to the SIA.  The taxi driver claimed that he was moved by how Judith expressed so much love for her son, so he couldn’t bring himself to do Judith harm.

Moved by his very emotional admission, Judith removed US$2,000 from her handbag and handed it to the driver before she exited his vehicle.  A few hours later she was able to board a flight right back to New York.  The entire flight back home, Judith had a hard time accepting what she was told earlier by the driver.

She waited a few days and not a word from her son Marcus.  He didn’t call to find out if she had arrived in Jamaica safely days earlier, neither did he reach out to any of their known relatives. Traumatized by the plans against her, Judith later arranged for a bulldozer to go to her house where Marcus resided and instructed them to demolish the entire structure.

*Names and locations were changed*



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