Jamaican Woman Stabbed to Death by Friend in Barbados Leaving 6 Kids

Shockaya Natalya Boyd 34, a Jamaican national was stabbed to death by a woman in just weeks after she was invited to the Island of Barbados to seek a better opportunity for her six kids back home.

Tedesha Hayles 26, also a Jamaican national is a suspect with the murder case of her friend Shockaya, who allegedly bought Shockaya’s airline ticket to Barbados.

Families had vision the danger and begged her to not go, but she was a bit determined, considering she was the sole provider of her children.

Shockaya accepted the ticket gladly and made her way to Barbados on April 20, 2017, but in just two weeks she was found dead.

Rumors now has it that this killing was a case of jealousy: Upon her arrival in Barbados, Shockaya supposedly met a rich man who was treating her to a good lifestyle.

Tedesha Hayles

It was assumed that as a result, Tedesha felt abandoned because she was the person who invited the victim to Barbados.

This somehow triggered anger from Tedesha.

The jealousy got more intense where an argument developed between the two that Saturday morning. Tedesha allegedly used a knife to inflict stab wounds to Shockaya multiple times on her upper body.

Six children in Jamaica are now left without a mother with the youngest being only three years old.

Tedesha was later arrested under the suspicion of murder.

Last photo taken of the deceased on the day she left for Barbados. April 20, 2017.

Shockaya Boyd

Tedesha has been remand at HMP in Barbados.



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