Gunmen Invades Funeral at Dovecot Cemetery Killing Man in St James

A man was murdered at a funeral in St James on Thursday by thugs who drove into the Dovecot cemetery in Orange district, Adelphi, in the parish where the burial was taking place and opened fire.

Mourners were sent scampering after gunshots rang out at the graveside shortly after noon.

When the shooting subsided, Allando Sfawe was found suffering from gunshot wounds. He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

It was understood that a car entered the cemetery and soon after, two men walked up to the gathering, brandished guns then explosions were heard.

The men made good their escape before the police arrived at the scene.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Marlon Nesbeth, head of the St James Police Division, told THE STAR that the police are now hearing rumours about the deceased.

He, however, refused to state what he has heard, reasoning that it could impact the investigations.

"We have to continuously strategise around the issues that exist. We do strategise and change our manoeuvre and we will be ramping up our activities. Another issue is the absence of effort by the residents who are well-informed and reluctant to share information with the police. We are appealing to the residents for support," the senior cop said.



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