Student Doused With Acid During Fight: "50-50 Chance of Skin Returning"

A fourth-form student of The Queen's School in St Andrew is now hoping for the best after a girl with whom she had a dispute doused her with corrosive substance causing burns to her face, chest and hands.

The teen, who is from Newlands in Portmore, St Catherine, stated that she will have to undergo surgery to remove the scars caused by the attack on her.

"Is a 50-50 chance fi the skin come back," the teen said, hoping for a successful surgery.

"It might lef scars, and mi no want no scar left, so you know she haffi pay har good money fi that," the student added.

The student remains in Spanish Town Hospital after she was admitted last Friday. The attack on the student occurred following an argument between the two other females in Newlands.

"Mi nuh know if a true me a cuss har and tell har some things or wah? She run off and talk bout me a go get it. So me think a stab she did a go stab me, so me go inna my yard fi mi ice pick cause me say if she stab me, then mi a go defend myself," the explained.


The other female, with whom the student has had a rocky relationship, allegedly returned with the substance.

"Mi only see the girl come up and just start spray sup'm, and it catch bout eight people, including me and one four-year old baby," she recounted.

The student suffered burns to her left jaw, the left side of her neck, her chest and both hands.

She says she wants the perpetrators and her accomplices to take care of her medical expenses as the cost is too exorbitant for her mother. She said it will be even more costly if she has to undergo surgery, which she is committed to doing if her skin doesn't return to its unblemished state naturally.

Although she says she does not intend to seek revenge, the student said that she wants all the persons responsible for causing her injures to bear the full brunt of the law.

"Mi nuh plan fi retaliate, but me want them get lock up 'cause me hear say is a big woman give har the something," the student said.

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