More Than 70 Jamaicans Deported From The United States

More than 70 deportees from the United States arrived in island on Thursday. A police personnel at the Norman Manley Airport Police Station stated that this figure is higher than the batch that arrived in January.

It wasn't disclosed why the persons were deported.

United States President Donald Trump has rolled a plan to deport millions of undocumented US immigrants.

Earlier this week, Robert Montague, the minister of national security, warned deportees who have criminal records in the United States that they will be sent to prison if they disrupt the peace in the society.

"We want to remind those who want to come back home and wish to break the law that the JCF does monitor some of you, and if you step across the line, the Department of Correctional Services will welcome you," Montague said.

PS. The above photo features a number of 50 Jamaicans who were deported from the UK of last year September 7th to be exact.



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