Woman Who Framed Ex-Boyfriend in Social Media Post, Arrested And Charged

The police have arrested and charged a woman who reportedly posted on social media, false information about her former partner which almost had him assassinated.

35-year-old Amieka Mullings was yesterday (Feb 13) arrested and charged under the Cyber Crimes Act, after she posted pictures in social media claiming that her ex-boyfriend is wanted for rape, assault and murder.

A statement from the National Security Ministry says swift investigations by the police revealed that the information was false, malicious and tantamount to malicious communication under the cybercrimes legislation.

Ms. Mullings was arrested, interrogated in the presence of her attorney and charged.

In the meantime, National Security Minister, Robert Montague is describing as entirely false, the information circulating on social media alleging that persons are being abducted and killed so their organs can be harvested and sold.

Montague says, these reports are undermining the work of the security forces and making an already difficult situation worse.

He said investigations are pointing to a small group of persons who are perpetrating these actions with ulterior motives, and the matter is being investigated by the police cybercrimes unit for possible action.

The public is being warned that under the new cybercrimes legislation, a person who commits an offence by using a computer wilfully with intent to send another person any data, whether in the form of a message or otherwise, that intends to cause, or is reckless, and as to whether the sending if the data causes annoyance, distress, anxiety, that person can be fined not exceeding four million dollars, or imprisoned for a term not exceeding four years, or both, by a parish judge if the person is a first offender.

Mr. Montague is asking persons engaged in such practices to desist from doing so.

Persons are also being asked to exercise caution in the material they post online and transmit to others, as they may unwittingly be participating in criminal acts.

Man accused of rape and murder via whatsapp post

*The photo featured above is another case with similar situation where this man is accused of rape and murder after he and a female had a confrontation via Whatsapp.

The screenshot has been viral social media ever since the recent up-stir of alleged abductions.

Several life-threatening comments have been submitted under each post. The man has however cleared his name and stated he was just playing around due to the fact that she has previously 'diss' him. A commenter wrote; "You brave eee ina dem time ya ... "



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