Suspects Posted Browns Missing On Timeline A Day Before it Was Noticed

It seems as if everyday another female goes missing in Jamaica and that is exactly what happen a few days ago to miss Nile Brown, a 23 year old employee at a Burger King restaurant  in Cross roads, Kingston Jamaica.

The suspects allegedly involve in the murder of Nile Brown, who went missing and body found in a barrel few days later, came under fire online by several angry individuals who are disgusted with the fact that you murder someone and had the heart to post a status that states the person is missing, a day before she actually went missing or should we say the day she was strangled to death.

Observe closely at the 'screenshot post' below.

Explained: - Brown was noticed missing on Friday, the 3rd of February, However the suspect's girlfriend, or could we say the suspects posted a status to Facebook the 5th of February stating brown had been missing since 'Thursday', the 2nd of February, highlighting the day of the evil act.

Now that's a big `SLIP UP`

Nikki-anna Absolam's Facebook profile timelime has since become infested with some of the most hatred comment in anyone's commenting history on a post.

Captioned as 'Chucky And His Bride' or the 'Bride of Chucky' these two are seen as the worst criminals since year 2017 one commenter said.

But what could have triggered this murder in the first place; what did brown do to have this sinister act done upon her?

Allegations were that brown had information in regards to the landlord of him being gay.

Stay connected as this mystery unfolds...



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