Woman's Body Found Inside Barrell in St Thomas; Burger King Employee Missing

A body of a woman was found this Sunday afternoon at around 12:30 pm in a blue barrel in the Ramble District in Yallahs. Police arrived on the scene at around 1:00 pm. The body was found in bushes with the legs sticking out.

The Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said that the body was in a decomposed state and that no form of identification was found.

Nile Brown, and employee at a fast food joint, Burger King has been missing since Friday according to her supervisor in Crossroads, Nickeisha Anderson. Brown was last heard from via WhatsApp when she was at home on Friday at around 1 pm.

Anderson stated that she had heard about the body of a woman being found in a blue barrel in St Thomas earlier today. Anderson said that Brown kept a blue barrel in her bedroom that had also gone missing.

A voice note from a Burger King worker about the disappearance states that police entered into Brown’s residence by kicking in the door and discovered that the blue barrel was missing and all of its contents were thrown out on the floor. Also missing was Brown’s bed sheet and pillows. “Wha unnu gather from that,” she said.

The Burger worker also noted that Brown did not report to work and that attempts to call her phone went straight to voicemail.

Decomposing body found in St Thomas
Nile Brown Burger King Employee

“It just heartrending. It’s like too much, honestly. Share di picture and mek we see if we can find her, cause God know, it woulda really hard fi see one nex one just drop out so and dis is like home, dis is Burger King.”

UPDATE 2/7/2017 ~ Suspect has been captured and is now in police costady



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