Suspect Behind 15-Y-O Dead Might Be a Female
Suspect Behind 15-Y-O's Murder Might Be Another 15-Y-O Female's `HIT`

New information has emerged with the kidnapping and murder of a 15 year old female, Shinkeka Gray whose decomposing body was discovered by a resident of Irwin Meadows after observing a foul stench coming from nearby bushes.

The Granville Police said on Wednesday, at approximately 5 PM, the decomposing body of a female was reportedly found lying on its back, near a river, clad in a tiger print dress similar to that of a teen who went missing after attending a friends's funeral on sunday.

The police quick response has nabbed a suspects whose name or identity has not be released but is to be handed over to the St James Police.

Superintendent Lindsay says the police are not releasing much information at this time, to avoid jeopardizing the case.

An inside source within the division had leaked some shocking information about the suspect who is a female and allegedly Gray's best friend.

Another inside source disclosed new information in a `voicenote` via whatsapp, explaining the situation and eruption this has caused on grounds that the 15 year old's death was a HIT set by another 15 year old.

'A her best friend weh she and dem go school set up man fi kill har' See dem cut out her vagina and stuff up dildo ina har; stabb her up to death'.

In the voice note it was indicated that a phone call was traced by the police leading back to the suspect.

It is alleged that family members of the decease went in reprisal mode, shooting up the suspect's family home. It wasn't disclosed if anyone was injured.



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