A Love Triangle That Caused JDF Privates Death
Had it Been A Love Triangle That Caused JDF Private's Death in Clarendon?

`I have the utmost respect for a uniformed person, especially the men and women that put their lives on the line for us, this is why this story grieves me. It saddens me to inform the public that Micheal Fraser was killed yesterday in Rock River Clarendon.`

It is alleged that his death was due to a love triangle between him, Dwayne Williams and Mr. William's wife Kathleen Clark Williams.

I was told that Michael and Kathleen were at a location where they often meet up for sex when 2 armed men dressed in soldier uniform approached them and shot him dead. Kathleen managed to barely escape with her life.

I should also inform you that after Michael was killed the 2 gunmen stole his gun.

Dwayne was apprehended last night and is currently locked up in a soldiers camp

3 lives will never be the same again because of the indiscretion of 2 people, 1 life snuffed out and a friendship between 3 soldiers broken beyond repair, Was it worth it? I say no.

This new phenomenon that makes it ok for us to sleep with other person's partner is costing lives, it is only a matter of time before it cost you yours or someone you know.

Kathleen Clark Williams

It was first reported that Michael went outside to hang clothes on a line in the yard when a man approached him from behind and shot him in the head then make off with his licensed Glock pistol.

This article was obtain from a Facebook post with no modifications added and is strictly that of the original according to source.



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