BREAKING: Jamaican Female Abducted; Kidnappers Leaked Voice Note Via Whatsapp

A $150K reward is out for a female who has since been abducted and is being held hostage by her kidnappers who recently sent a terrifying voice note via whatssapp online allegedly that of the victim pleading for them not to kill her. 

Terrifying describes the fear that is driven into this girl who was abducted some time ago in the water house area of Kingston. The female begged for her life and plead for her release and safe return to her mother.

`It is heartless of man these last days to be doing these inhumane ordeals, we leave them to god` one commenter wrote as tear flew down her cheeks.

At this time we can only hope and pray for her safe return.

A reward is out for anyone with information regarding the safe return of the female to her mother.

Listen voice-note below.



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