36-Y-O Bartender Murdered in Thomas Allegedly by her Child's Father

Domestic violence has once again turned its ugly head on Jamaica women. Last year there were several murders  rising from disputes between lovers and ex lovers who just cant accept the fact that its over.

A St Thomas bartender is the latest victim of an alleged domestic dispute turned deadly. She is 36-year-old Kerron Peckoo, from Duckensfield, Golden Grove, in the parish.

Reports were that about 11 p.m, Peckoo was walking home from a bar in Hampton Court where she worked, She was allegedly attacked and stabbed several times all over her body by her child's father.

The Golden Grove police are investigating the murder and have reportedly arrested the father of the deceased woman’s child, who is believed to be the prime suspect.

Extreme graphic images surfaced online with her body having several stab wounds.

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Kerron Peckoo



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