2-Y-O Boy Executed by Gunmen After Gang Attacked His Father in Kingston

Flaring gang violence in Kingston on Tuesday evening has claimed the life of a two-year who suffered at the hands of gunmen after the child's father dropped him and ran for cover.

According to relatives, two-year-old Demario Whyte was shot in his head at point-blank range by the gunman after his injured father left him at the gate while trying to escape the gunman’s bullet.

The boy along with his father and uncle were shot after gunmen drove into the community and started firing on the corner where the men were sitting around 8:30 pm.

The child’s father was reportedly shot twice in his foot and once in the stomach while his brother was shot in the face. Both men are said to be in stable condition at the Kingston Public Hospital.

The toddlers’ grandaunt, who identified herself only as Taneisha, told the Observer that she, relatives and neighbours were on the road when a black car drove up.

“Me deh deh and mi see the car stop and wi just think a come dem come fi buy stuff cause a one shop deh deh but den wi hear the shot dem start fire.

“So we run go inna di yard and me a cry out because mi know my kids were on the street, one whole heap a kids were on the street,” she said.

According to Tanei sha, she heard her sister crying out for her son and when she looked out she saw a baby at the gate but did not know that he was her grandnephew.

However, Taneisha said she could not rescue him as shots were being fired.

“Mi nephew sit down on the bench right there so and mi other nephew him (the gunman) shot him inna him face and him run go down the street and the other one run go inside the house and he had the baby but because him get shot its like he couldn’t make it so him put down the baby right there and him say when him look back dem shot the baby and the baby drop inna the gutter and him run inna the yard and start cry.”

Taneisha said her nephew who only returned to the community from Harbour View about five months ago, since the child’s mother left for an overseas work programme, has blamed himself for the death of his son and has been crying a lot.

“Him nuh stop cry, is him only child and is the only child for the mother. Him always deh on the verandah with the baby and every night a him put him to bed and have him pon him shoulder a shake him till him go sleep, no night no pass and him no put him to bed,” she recalled.

While Taneisha spoke some residents sat looking off in space while others expressed anger at the men.

“Right now everybody lost,” one woman said.

“How you fi look pon a baby and put a gun to him head and kill him?” another one questioned.

“Joyce say a God angel dem kill and dem affi dead,” another woman said.

However, while the residents grieved they expressed dissatisfaction with the response of the police who they claimed visited the home and tore down their gate.

“This morning de police dem come and all kick off the whole gate dem naa identify demself, dem just kick off the whole gate.

“We fraid and yuh a kick off the gate, drop off the gate, how we ago sleep tonight,” Taneisha asked.

The residents also complained that despite the recent flare up of violence in Central Kingston the police have not been maintaining a presence in the community and called for greater police presence.

The police are following strong leads and from preliminary investigations it appears that the attack was as a result of an ongoing gang feud.

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