Rihanna 'Disses' Usain Bolt; Allegedly Dating Asafa Powell

So weeks after Rihanna disses Usain Bolt new broke that Asafa Powell dating Rihanna. Many fans are upset saying Rihanna did it to make usain bolt jealous.

Bad news love fans … Usain Bolt didn’t get his “Sleepless in Seattle” ending with Rihanna … ’cause according to Bolt himself he got “no love” from the pop star after publicly laying his mack down.

The fastest man on the planet was at a Hublot watch event in NYC promoting his new timepiece when we asked him for a Rihanna love update … since he begged her to call him back in 2013.

  • The bad news … Usain says RiRi left him hangin’.
  • The good news … Usain’s moved on, he’s got a NEW girlfriend.
  • The bad news … if Rihanna ever reconsiders, Bolt’s girlfriend could be in trouble!

Check out the clip … and try to process the fact that even the fastest athlete in the history of humanity couldn’t catch Rihanna.

Makes you have more respect for Drake, doesn’t it?



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