Two Million 'Dead Voters' Officially Registered To Vote in The US Elections

There are 18 million invalid voter registrations and an astonishing two million dead people registered to vote in the United States, according to a report by Pew Charitable Trusts.

One in eight voter registrations are “significantly inaccurate or no longer valid,” the study claims, proving the epic potential for voter fraud and election rigging.

“One of the more cynical arguments you hear from the left is that ‘Oh, well it’s not that many people, not that many instances of voter fraud,‘” said Charlie Hurt, appearing on Lou Dobbs Tonight.

“And I’m thinking, my goodness, just one instance is terrible and unacceptable. Because, of course, one instance of voter fraud means that another person’s vote is being canceled out by that, and it undermines the very heart of what this government is supposed to be about.“

But with soft or nonexistent voter ID laws across the country, and a lack of law enforcement mechanisms to identify and prosecute voter fraud, we are not talking about one or two instances.

The evidence points to mass voter fraud, and the potential for election rigging is real.



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