My Boyfriend Doesn't Like to Bathe Yet Still He Wants to Make Love

Its has always been taught in schools, even at working facilities how one should smell and look and take care of their hygiene. Well, I am living with a man and it is because I can't do better why I stay.

I warned him that one day when he comes home he would find an empty house and I would be gone. This man is disgusting. He would come home, eat and come on the bed without bathing, wanting to touch me. I always pull away from him and tell him to go and bathe.

He has a style to tell me that it is because I have a man why I don't want to have sex with him. Any woman with this kind a man would keep another man. I can get a man, but I wouldn't do it until I leave him.

I am here because he pays the rent, but every piece of the furniture is mine. He took out the stove, but I paid for it, so when I am leaving I am going to take it with me. He told me that he could get another woman, so my mind is made up, well not fully, I want to move out.

A friend of mine promised to rent me a two bedroom place.

So, when women give these men 'bun' they say we are wicked, but this man should get more than bun. I still love him and that is why i settling for him. I am afraid of new relationships and if i could some how fix this one, i rather take that risk than to move on to a greater risk with a new. What should i do? Help .... 

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