Jamaican girl speaks out “I was raped by JLP Chairman Robert Montague”

A “victim” who shared a story a few months ago about a prominent politician who had sex with her when she was much younger has decided to follow through with her story.

Dear Tina,

Basically, growing up in Jamaica I was from two parts in society. On one hand my mothers family was poor, on the other, my dad’s mom was well off. She used to export bananas. I had to live with her as my mom could not afford to look after me.

During that time the then MP used to come around sometimes. I don’t know what for as I was in primary school at the time, one was only aware that he used to come along with friends and they would go down into the bushes as well as visit the well constructed pig pens that my grand mother had then.

He used to play with me, I was not aware that he was grooming me. When I started high school, the journey was a bit much so my grandmother sent me to stay with my mother’s father and mother who lived closer to the school. It was then that the MP now Senator, used to come and take me away. Sometimes to his house, hotels are when he had a speech or something didn’t go well for him he would take me to his friends house.

At this point I was about 13 no older when he started having full blown sex with me. I remember one night I was at a party and he came with few friends and some women. A lady at the party new that he was intimately involved with me so she started shouting out words at him and told me to say something to him. Stupidly, I did, he took me in his car and drove me to a lane. He opened the booth of his car and had sex with me right there in the street after beating me up and asking me what I was playing at.

This molestation and rape went on until I was 18. I say rape, at that time when he started to molest me I was not aware of what he was doing. He only left me alone after I fell pregnant at 18 for someone else. Even then he came to me and ask me if I wanted him to take me to have an abortion, which I refused. He had sex with me once after I had the child. The child was about 3 weeks old. He told me I needed to do some exercise to get myself back together. After that I never saw much of him again, he just slowly drifted away like a faded memory. When this man started molesting me I hardly went back to my grand mothers house.

I was hungry broke and desolate. My mother was living in England and left a one bedroom board house that was lean to one side almost falling over with a bed that only had a sponge on it that was so old and dirty. When this man came and took me to do what he wanted with me. Looking back at it now. He never bought me food, gave me money, help me with my education or even try to fix where I lived to try and elevate the position he put me in. He has no remorse for what he did to me. It is within my opinion that I am not the only child this man did this to. He must have been doing to other young children.

I remember once when I was at his personal house and a few friend visited from his party. They looked at me and said to him” why don’t you help her”? He turned to them and said: ” she is not one of us”. Until this day I cannot figure out what that means. In Jamaica they speak about community. I really do not know if they truly comprehend the meaning of that word; every one in that community knew what he was doing. 

No one ever stood up for me or told him what he was doing is wrong. Funny enough, he contacted me once since I migrated from the island. He told me that he visits London a lot and we should keep in contact and meet up. ( I never followed up on that). He also asked me what I was doing with myself, I told him I wanted to be a scientist as I wanted to do bio chemist at the time. He laughed at me pathetically.

Today, I can proudly say that even though I changed my mind about being a bio chemist. I am a fully qualified Social Scientist, holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Professional Sociology and Law. I am currently enrolled in a university where I will be starting my Masters in Sociology this coming September. At this point I should be more qualified that his pedophile ass. People like him should not hold a seat in House of Parliament let alone be Senator in Jamaica. It’s a new era, time for a change time to get rid of these bastards out of parliament and start a new government that can serve this new world.

Article extracted from Blogger Tina Chin's Website

*The following was anonymously submitted by someone who wanted to share their pain. I, Tina Chin, has no knowledge of who the MP is in question. Neither am I able to verify if the allegations rings true

These are not the views of our News team. This story was taken from another website source.



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