Councillor Hires Lawyers After Former Employee Was Linked to Guns Bust
People’s National Party Councillor Michael Troupe, has hired attorneys following a claim that one of his former employees was the consignee for the shipment of arms and ammunition seized last month in Miami. The Party on Thursday night issued a statement that the name listed as the consignee, matches that of a former employee of Councillor Troupe.
Speaking on RJR’s talkshow programme, Hotline, on Friday, Mr. Troupe’s attorney, Henry McCurdy, said the Party might have been premature in releasing the statement.
“We do not know if the name that appears in the social media post is the same person that worked for Mr. troupe and left her job without even saying to Councillor Troupe that she was leaving the job; she just walked off the job and never returned,” the attorney argued.
He said Councillor Troupe has not been been contacted by law enforcement agents investigating the massive arms shipment.
Authorities say 117 illegal guns including several rifles and more than 200 assorted rounds of ammunition, destined for Montego Bay, St. James, were seized by US Border Protection agents at Miami International Airport.



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