Female Spills Beans: Kasi Bennett Was Dating Bolt’s Brother; Bolt Nuh Like Wear 'Shoes'

Usain is arguably the most popular man in the world right now, having being in the headlines of every single news outlet for the past few weeks.

Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive and the richest runner in the history of track and field with a personal net worth of $60M USD.

Last week news broke of Usain and his girlfriend of 2 years Kasi being pregnant, which instantly spread like wild fire. Then this past weekend, the Jamaican superstar and sprint legend pulled out all the stops on his current vacation with his ‘bae‘ Kasi Bennett.

The athlete spared no expenses in ensuring that his lady had a memorable vacation has two have checked into a Four Seasons Hotel, rumored to fetch a whopping price of £12,500 Pounds per week (approximately JMD 2 million).

Then news broke that Usain Bolt confirmed what various tabloids have been reporting over the last few weeks that he and Kasi Bennett are engaged. Bolt posted several photos on Snapchat of the two enjoying some much needed alone time. He captioned one of the photos “She said yes” along with a heart emoji.

Not all glitters is actually GOLD! Yesterday a mysterious woman launched a social media attack on Kasi’s Instagram page accusing her of being with Usain Bolt’s brother Sadeki and broke up with him for his superstar brother. Accusations are yet to confirm.

Screenshots below displays the now discarded activity between the two via Instagram.