America Should Forgive Him.' Justin Gatlin's Manager Says The Sprinter Will Beat Usain Bolt And Bring Home Gold For The USA

Olympic officials have pleaded for America to finally forgive drug cheat athlete Justin Gatlin as he bids to become the fastest man in the world.

{xtypo_dropcap}N{/xtypo_dropcap}ew York-born Gatlin is planning to give current Olympic champion Usain Bolt ' a run for his money' after claiming bronze against the Jamaican four years ago.

Gatlin won gold in 2004 at the Athens games, but was later convicted of a doping offense and served a four-year ban, returning to competitive athletics on 2011.

It was the second controversy to descend on the 34-year-old track star after he was banned in 2001 from international competition for two years.

He tested positive for amphetamines, but later successfully appealed that the positive test had been due to medication that he had been taking since his childhood, when he was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder.

But the sprinter has not been able to shake off his accusers and his coaches are insistent beating Bolt to the Olympic title should not be seen as a 'tainted gold.'

Tracy Sundlin, who is in charge of the US track and field men's team, told Daily Mail Online : 'That would be wrong .

'Justin is a remarkably talented athlete who clearly made a mistake at some point.

'He has paid dearly for that mistake. He has owned up to that mistake.

'If people saw what he is doing and the amount of effort… if they saw his heart, I think they would feel as I do.

' People do forget how truly special a talent he was. He was a world class hurdler as well as a sprinter. He has done things that people don't understand and appreciate.'

He admitted that despite winning a 'clean' bronze at London 2012, questions would always be hang over him.

Bolt, who is going for his third straight Olympic gold, has been engaged in a war of words which has boosted the euphoria surrounding the battle of the Olympics next weekend.

The Jamaican said Gatlin would 'feel his full wrath' when they came head-to-head on the Olympic track.

Bolt was unimpressed when Gatlin focused the six-times Olympic gold medalist's slight injury worries this summer, claiming the champion had been given 'a medical pass' to compete.

Bolt warned Gatlin: 'I'm feeling much more confident now. I'm much more comfortable with where I'm at.'

Asked if the American could beat Bolt, Mr. Sundlin said: ': 'Who knows? None of us know. Justin is certainly a remarkable athlete.

' Justin is doing great at training camp. We clearly have a very talented group of people on our team.

'He is a good man that has been, in my opinion, unfairly criticized certainly for his first positive many years ago for medication that he didn't know he had to declare.

'But I have been around a long time and Usain Bolt is one remarkable special athlete.

'He is truly a once in a lifetime man. He is remarkable… may they both,as well as the other athletes, all run their absolute best and all come away happy.'

Sundlin said Team USA were happy with the facilities and not duly over worried about the Zika scares and security issues.

He said: 'This is the seventh games that I have been in and they are just fun.

'Before every games as far as I can remember, there was doom and gloom but the Olympics always win.

'The athletes are very happy, the organizers are working their behinds off just to make it perfect as we would do for any event. So far (it is) super but it is the competition which is what it is all about.'

Gatlin will compete in the Men's 4x100m relay, Men's 200m, and Men's 100m.